Are you planning an Epic adventure?


Maxmead Client Scott W.(on right)  & his nephew, Drew S. on a trek in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, Alaska, July 2014

“What did you do this summer?”

Those are the words most of us heard on the first day back at school as kids.  Family vacations to the beach or a trip to Yellowstone National Park.  Little League baseball games or Girl Scout Camp.  Those were the activities of summer for many kids.

As adults, those words don’t carry the weight they once did.  I want you to change that idea.

Plan an Epic adventure.

Each year, many of us train in the gym. Then, we might run a 10K or marathon. Participate in the CrossFit Open. Join a softball team. Good activities. Using your fitness.

But you won’t talk about it for years with friends. People won’t ask about them at dinner parties, awed by your boldness. Those are not the stories you will tell your kids.

Plan something Big.

This summer, find a challenge to do. Sign up for an event.  Make it bigger and harder than you have ever done. Make it worthy of memory. Test your fitness. Test your toughness. Test your audacity.

Trek 5-days unassisted along the Lake Superior Hiking Trail.

Do a GORUCK Challenge (one of my recent tests).

Run a Spartan Beast Race.

Portage a 7-day trip through the BWCA.

Trek Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.

Go Mountain Biking for a weekend up at Lutsen or Colorado with those crazy friends of yours.

Plan a hike-in salmon fishing trip on the Kenai peninsula.

Go run up some Munros in Scotland and crash down the other sides.

Cat-skiing in the Chugach Mountains.

Bike across Europe.

Do something epic with your fitness.

Train for it. Just do it. Make it Dinner party worthy.

Life won’t wait for you to do something Epic. Find a friend or 3. Plan it, prepare for it, and talk about it for the next 10 years.  Make this adventure one that will inspire your kids or neighbors to plan their own trip. And pretty soon, standing at the bus stop or around the Labor Day BBQ, you will have the coolest story.


Leading an element during my 1st GORUCK Challenge, March 2013

My next adventure: 2015 Rugby World Cup trip with my brother. Some rugby, some old mates, some new Munros to climb.

I better get on with my training, back in the gym and more running. Something epic is coming my way.

-Ryan McDowell

Spring is coming soon…Prowler season!

Here at Maxmead Fitness, we are hoping for an early spring.

Birds singing; not really.

Beautiful flowers; uh-uh.

Prowler Pushing!


High School Athletes, We start the Spring Power Camp on Monday, March 2.

At 3:00pm we have added a Barbell Strength section. No extra charge, get here if you can.

At 3:40pm, the Fun begins! Our plan is total body power and speed. and hopefully, the sleds will come out soon!

Be ready to train hard!

March 2 -April 1
Mondays & Wednesdays
**Optional Barbell Strength work starts each day at 3:00pm**

Sign up Here!

April 6- May 18
Mondays Only
CrossFit St. Louis Park
7319 W. Lake Street
St. Louis Park, MN 55426
Contact Ryan McDowell

Spring time is Here!

IMG_1391As we all wish of spring to come, get in here to prepare for your spring outdoor season.  At Maxmead Fitness Spring Power Camp, we will be cranking up the intensity to get ready for the demands of outdoor sports. Sprinting, carrying heavy things, and yes, burpees, will all be combined with more fun stuff.  Come join us to bring in spring!

Spring Power Camp

March 2 -April 1
Monday & Wednesday

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April 6-May 18
Monday Only
CrossFit St. Louis Park
7319 W. Lake Street
St. Louis Park, MN 55426

Girls & Boys! Step right up!

This winter, all the kids will be working together.  Our Winter Power Camp will be Co-ed for the first time. The program will be building strength & power for the spring sports season.

Come join us for a winter of barbells, sandbags, Sledgehammers and more!

Sign Up Here!

Winter High School Power Camp

Mon & Wed; 3:00-4:00pm

Dec 1, 2014-Feb 25, 2015*

*exc. 12/24 & 12/31


CrossFit St Louis Park

7319 West Lake St

St. Louis Park, MN 55426


Sign Up Here!

$359 per child

Contact Ryan at Maxmead Fitness


So what are you doing for Fall training?

As August approaches, fall sport high school athletes begin to gear up for the season.  Football & soccer training camps begin, Cross-country runners hit the roads and trails together.

But the winter sport athletes are quite ready yet.  There is still time and work to be done!20120802-083220.jpg

Maxmead Fitness is proud to annouce our first Fall Power Camp.

Starting August 11th, this program will go through the fall, ending October 27th.  We are trying to get as strong as possible. We are trying to get as fast as possible. Our ultimate goal is to build athletic athetes ready to meet the rigors of a state championship run!

This is done by combining strength training with sprinting, hard work and conditioning.  With a 6000 sq. ft. facility filled with the tools of power, we will lift heavy things and move them fast!

Buaidh No Bas!

Sign up Here!

Fall Power Camp

Aug 11th – Oct 27th

Monday & Wednesday

@ CrossFit St. Louis Park

7319 Lake St West
St. Louis Park, 55426

$329 per child

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Contact Ryan at Maxmead Fitness


Putting on the finishing touches!

Club rugby pre-season starts in a few days. It has been a great summer and we are really excited to see the 2014-15 season kick off.


Maxmead Fitness would like thank all the ruggers who have trained with us this summer and we wish them all well as they turn their attention to to pitch:
Graham Harriman, USA Eagles, Metropolis, & James Bay
Libby Berg, USA Eagles, Young Bloodz, & Minnesota Valkyries
Christy Ringgenberg, USA Eagles (7s&15s) & Minnesota Valkyries
Darik Lamke, Metropolis
Metropolis Rugby Club, D1 & D2

We will be announcing some awesome rugby training opportunities for all athletes very soon!

We are Back!


This summer marks the 4th straight year of Maxmead Summer Power Camp.
Our 9-week HS Athletes strength program kicks off Monday, June 9th and runs through Thurs, August 7th.

We are excited to bring Power Athlete training to the athletes of the West metro. Power, sport speed, mobility work all are parts of a professional program built for HS athletes.

This year, rugby, hockey, soccer, and football players are all committed.

Are you ready to become a power athlete?

So drink your milk and we will see you on June 9th!

Sign up Here!

June 9th -Aug 7th
Monday, Wednesday, & Thursdays

@ CrossFit St. St. Louis Park
7319 Lake St West
St. Louis Park, 55426

$359 per child

Contact Ryan

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Olympian Carrie Tollefson stops by!


Olympian Mid Distance runner Carrie Tollefson came by to learn about CrossFit training and mobility drills for runners. Elite marathoner Katie MacGregor brought out to show Carrie how she is taking her training to another level.

It was really fun taking Carrie through her first CrossFit WOD and showing her the LAX ball! Things will never be the same! Stayed for me on the next episode of C Tolle Run!